Saturday, March 4, 2017

online store+ tour video

Over the past year I have been contemplating an online store to make shit easier for ordering. Finally I made it happen-

Also I threw together a video mashup of the Boar/Culled/ILYGH tour---enjoy---

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

4 NEW RELEASES-Winter batch 2017

 Culled III CD
Spacy/cutup/ tape-sample manipulation harsh noise out of
Crystal Lake IL
 Boar/Human Fluid Rot split CD
Spazzed out cut up harsh noise Total mindfuck!
 Pyramid Dust "Decaying Future"CD
A collaborative project between Alex Nowacki
from Boar and Patrick Gilligan from I Like You Go Home
Harsh noise abuse meets dark drones meets structured ambiance
I Like You Go Home "Feathered In A Nest"CD
For this full length, ILYGH holds nothing back displaying 7 tracks 
of blistering harsh noise. If your looking for an 
ILYGH release with pretty guitar parts
and smooth ambiance, this is not for you.
 This shit is heavy!
Boar/Culled/I Like You Go Home split c12
Released in conjunction with our winter tour,
this split portrays the best of each artist.
Each artist with solo tracks + source material remixed
and spat out through the minds of each other.
If your looking to only pick up one item from this batch,
co released w/ Structures Without Purpose

For samples of each release go HERE

Each release is $7.50 shipped in the USA
Get the whole batch for $30 shipped
(message for international/bulk pricing)

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

February tour+ new batch in over a year!

I slacked super hard in 2016!
Coming feb 21st (tour kickoff)
-Human Fluid Rot/Boar CD
-Culled "III" CD
-I Like You Go Home (yet to be titled) CD
-Pyramid Dust "Decaying Future" CD
-Boar/Culled/I Like You Go Home collaborative works c12
(co released with Structures Without Purpose)
Future plans include-Developer,Mason,Facialmess and Baculum

Boar/Culled/I Like You Go Home winter tour----
2/21-Chicago IL@ Tri triangle 
2/22-Dayton OH@ The Brickhaus
2/23-Athens OH@ The Bat Lounge
2/24-Pittsburgh PA@ The Tub
2/25-Buffalo NY@ Deep Space Eight
2/26-Bloomington IN@ The Void
2/27-Daventport IA@ The Red Stoned Room

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

PCRV "Contemporary Processing" NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

PCRV "Contemporary Processing" CD (BS78)
.A wonderful mix of harsh electronics with
gloomy synth work spitting from every which way
great textural panning 
.with an industrial noise feel to it as well.
WHY! I try to review/describe anything I release is beyond me

Friday, September 9, 2016

Its definitely been awhile since any new releases (6 months to be exact!!!!!!) Hoping to have the next batch out by the end of October featuring----


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

WHAT!??!!! Another Boar tape?????

YES, another Boar tape. "Flooded Craters" A c20 full of explosive harsh noise! Released through 5nakefork

I have a decent amount of these on hand!

Email for international orders!!